Yemen Mohka Matari

Yemen Mohka Matari

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This is one of those "jamie" coffee, coffee's.  Wherein it's more interesting to me than it is to most. Do we carry anything from yemen? Not really. That alone is worth it. Really thought why should you buy it is generally why I write these words. It's me somewhat convincing you in a meaningful and truthful way to inform you of what this is and why. Why is this cool? I get it. I get my role here. So here goes: Yemen is at war so any coffee getting out is kinda wild. It's also shockingly complex but not in those ways we look at it's big neighbor next door in Ethiopia. It's more like a cross between a harrar - in my eyes and some others the lessor of the regions in ethiopia - and a really wild high end Sumatra or Sulawesi. But that's cool. I like different. There's lots of interesting chocolate tones not derived from roasting dark but rather just a milk chocolate. There's an interesting layer of spices in there. It's hard for me to pinpoint what spice, maybe an all spice. Maybe some kind of cumin or cinnamon cross. I don't quite know. There's a pleasant overall subtle dried fruit tone along side. Pull a shot of this coffee and your mind will bend. S tier espresso, for me. Maybe not for you. 

Caveats: If you had to break up the audience of people who buy stuff from me this is for those on the graph that like "weird, wild and not normal". Buy this. Pretty much everyone else just skip this. Which kinda sucks because people like the variety of cool but I didn't buy a ton so for the 18 or so who fall into this range. I hope you love this like how I do. I'm also not marking this up - I paid double digits for this so this is a gift. I should charge double. But that's not a guilt trip, i'm just doing this because it's fun and cool and this is my business. Lets do fun and cool shit because customers who dig this are my people and I want my people to be happy. =) 

Hearts in chat.