Choosing Your Wholesale Coffee Roaster 

We realize that choosing the right roaster for your client base is vital. Considering our current size for us a new wholesale account empowers us as a business. What that means is your business means so much more to us than say the 90th account for a roaster of mid-size range. With that said we are a smaller operation with a set production capacity and will do our best to figure out what works for all of us.


As a business we realize at the end of the day it's about the money. You need the right price and so do we to continue to do what we really love. Which is working long hours, right? In all seriousness we've done our homework in regards to what market rates are from large to small roasters. There's a range of pricing depending on the coffee you buy coupled with how much a roaster wants your business. We deal with exceptionally high coffee so chances are if you're here, you know we're not giving you the $5 a pound roasted coffee options. And as a rule, we do not pay businesses to carry us. 


We can provide assistance with brewing, brewing methods, education, and also online promotion. We brew all of our coffees to understand how they taste in different formats. From a Chemex to a French Press to a Pour Over to a Cold Brew and even down to a Mr. Coffee - we've done it all. Some roasters offer machinery like a La Marzocco Espresso Machine, however at this point we do not. 

Guest Coffee Roaster

We stock a variety of Coffees and some in greater quantity than others. If we come across a great coffee, quantity shouldn't be an issue for us. For example Maybe there is an amazing Kenya AA lot, or a Gesha and you would like to buy it. Given our wide range of importers and depending on the situation we can offer that level of customizing with your selection. Our wholesale prices are very competitve and at this point in our history we're fine with even just few bags on shelves at the wholesale rate. There's no minimum so long as they are going towards a business situation. 

Private Label Coffee

We currently provide Private Label coffees for brands and in fact our longest standing customer is a private label.  Currently our craft bags come in 12 ounce sizes with two options. One sealable with a valve and the other a tin-tie. There is also a 5 pound bag option many cafes use. If you want another style, size, or color we can discuss with you the available options.  Generally we can fit 15 12 ounce bags into a single USPS priority mail box. Shipping rates are 15.95 for boxes of that size and have invested heavily with the highest quality sweat equity imagineable to keep prices down.