Coffee Jobs

Yo! We're hiring.  Royal Mile is a small batch roaster based located within the SOHA Arts building in Haddon Township, NJ. We sell primarily to local Food Co-Op's and grocery stores in PA, NJ and DE as well as a few select cafe's. We source craft coffee directly from Nicaragua and utilize various importers for the rest. This company is and was built on the idea you can empower yourself through hard-work and healthy attitudes.  Coffee snobs of either "only" dark or light need not apply. 

You're getting in on the ground floor as the brand's presence is expanded to more wholesale accounts and our future cafe. There is currently only one position open but in several locations.  

Coffee Demo/Product Sampler  (part or full-time)


1. Princeton
2. Newtown Square
3. Ambler/Springhouse/North Wales

We are looking for an outgoing person to pass out coffee samples in certain area Whole Foods. You'll need to have a car and will need to be located near several of the stores for this to work.

You will be standing in stores for either 4 or 8 hours and brewing coffee then passing them out for samples. Total hours worked is up to you but if you can cover 8-12 hours in a week that would be awesome.Schedule is fairly flexible so long as there is availability in stores to work. Pay scales a bit with bags moved for incentive purposes. Not everyone sells at the same rate so there is a floor but also you can rise up a bit if you happen to be really good at it.

The goal is to explain people the brand and make that lead to a purchase. Pretty much everyone loves coffee so this is a fairly easy thing to do. While working there is a sales tracking system we do via the cloud so you'll have to input some data into and will need a cell phone.

No experience needed but if you happen to be a barista who wants to escape a the latte life this is a great toe dipping into the roasting side that certainly helps. Ideally you're in college looking for some start-up business experience that helps towards your degree and you can take that as far as you can or you need a flexible schedule for some extra cash.

Resumes/background, and some effort in your belief why you'd dig working with us go

 If you just send a resume we're not reading it but also not wanting you to send infinite jest pt.2