Coffee Jobs

Royal Mile is a small craft coffee roasting company based in Cherry Hill. primarily do a lot of work for our wholesale accounts but do have a retail footprint within the warehouse where production occurs and are opening a cafe in the winter.

The core elements are bagging and getting all the coffee out of the warehouse each week then prepping for the next week.  This involves a fair bit of manuel labor for lifting and moving things. There's a small amount of retail work at the warehouse as well while prepping is going on but it's nothing too intense and basically barista retirement. Beyond that is inventory tracking a multitude of other tasks for maintenance and a lot of cupping of coffee. Also there's a lot of alone time so you gotta be ok working alone which can be a positive for some.

This a well defined position and there are several markers for if you're succeeding or not and clear cut tasks. There's also room for growth within the position and operation should you have the right attitude and work ethic.

  • Bagging Coffee
  • Adding Tin Ties to Bags
  • Moving green coffee around and into bins
  • Various cleaning duties: Bins + Work Area.
  • Packaging up orders each week
  • Stocking Cold Brew into fridges
  • Managing + Tracking Roasted and Green Inventory
  • Ringing up customers and talking about coffee in a retail setting
  • Cupping Coffees every week for QC and taste notes
  • Sample Roasting
  • Roasting Machine Maintenance - brushing wiping down surfaces etc

email resume/work history with the post if you don't include it I'm not going to read it.