The Story

It all started with one amazing cup of iced coffee. Or at least that's part of the story I tell.


On a trip to Austin, TX while freelancing I went out to breakfast with friends at Centoe and there I ordered an iced coffee from their house roaster Cuvee Coffee. Tasting like nothing I had before I came back with bags and eyes wide open. It was that moment where you turn on a dime and suddenly your life's compass goes in a different direction. 

The next days,weeks,and months were filled with stops at all the awesome cafes in Philadelphia and many more cups brewed at home from the ever expanding list of craft roasters. At first content with just a bag from a roaster such as Four Barrel, Verve, Madcap, Ritual, or Rival Brothers, I then progressed to wanting more in one shot and subbed to Craft, Mistobox, and Tonx at the same time. 

It's apparent that people across the country are making this great stuff, how do I do that?  I'm the type that wants to learn how something works, how far reaching something can go, how something breaks, and then why.

What's the great way to do all that and not spend a fortune? You buy a book. In my case I bought the Blue Bottle Book, The Joe Book, Left Coast roast and a few others. What's next? Application! I took classes at Counter Culture to learn proper brewing. Naturally came home roasting in popcorn poppers and then onto the purchase of a real roaster. 

I decided to make this passion a thing in late 2013 on the Huky 500 roaster doing 1 pound batches at a time. It was enormously time consuming and all functions such as heat and air-flow are manual. It took a lot of dedication early on. That dedication paid off as just 6 months in Thrillist Magazine named me one of the best new roasters. I'd like to think that for someone somewhere we were that amazing cup of coffee. 


You can find bags for sale across Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware:

Whole Foods

Swarthmore Co-Op, Swarthmore, PA

Weavers Way
(all three locations, Chestnut Hill, Ambler)

 Springfield, PA

Locally you can pick up bags and brewed coffee at Dulce located in Collingswood NJ or visit our warehouse in Cherry Hill on Saturday's!