Vice Jawn Blue

Vice Jawn Blue

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We get a lot of requests for berries. 

I will say that I've heard you like berries. 

So I'm putting berries in your berries. 

Three ETHIOPIANS that change as seasonally available. 

Current Coffees: Ethiopia Ardi, Harrar, Aheyu

We're combining three coffees whose process is the flavor of the coffee and in general you get some range of fruit tones - mostly berries. In the industry we call it dry process or natural though I stress this every time there's nothing "natural" in the grifter sense of "all natural" about it. It just sits on beds and the cherries dry around it until it's ready to be washed off as opposed to sitting in a tank of water and letting nature do it's thing. I hate that I always have to explain this and I suppose I don't but I feel I do because there's always been one person who takes it's meaning to be that other way and I've had enough coffee has CHEMICALS lean in discussions that my brain is fried.  So it goes. 

The special thing about this is that regionally they're from all over Ethiopia and as a country it contains several growing regions that offer a wide range of potential tastes. With the hararr part of the country it's a bit harder as only so much comes out so that part of the blend doesn't change a whole lot. The rest is an ever rotating cast of characters. All of that said the you taste the process to a degree. Some like it. Some don't. And It's about the berries. Because as I said we heard y'all like berries. So we put a bunch of berries together to make a gigantic berry like fruit bomb  coffee.

Why are the vice jawn coffee's 14.99 and not 12.99. Simply put the coffee's going into these are very expensive and a fair bit higher in cost. That translates also to cup quality. In general sourcing Ethiopian's are always expensive even for the "lower" quality stuff and all of vice jawn is basically Ethiopian.