Sumatra Honey Process Tujuh Coop

Sumatra Honey Process Tujuh Coop

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Woah! A Sumatran in the lineup? Seriously?


In general I avoid Sumatrans due to the sheer overwhelming amount of forrest floor like flavors you run into and that's just not my speed (for now?). What attracted me to this coffee was that it is honey process. Processes to extract the seed from the cherry tend to impart their own flavors on the coffee with washed being the most accurate description of how a coffee should taste. Without going too deep in general on a basic level you tend to ramp up the sweetness or tone down the sweetness when you do a natural or honey process. My opinion is that it creates some interesting flavors and helps farms save on water usage along with waste however the tastes tend to be normalized are fairly volatile and fall off very quickly.  

Gosh that's a lot of words before describing a coffee. 

In the sample roasts we got two worlds. A dark tasting sumatra while roasted light (which speaks to the variablility) and a ridiculously good tasting not sumatra sumatra. That's why we're charging 10.99. It's almost a tale of two coffees even when drinking. On the good side of the taste notes we got earthy tones via prunes and also something similar to tamarind. If you're had a popadom at an indian restaurant they'll sometimes put sauces out - it's kind like that without the tangyness. There is a lot of depth with this coffee and each sip tastes a bit different at the start than the finish where the fruit really shows up. With the depth comes a fair bit of body to it so it's got a fairly full mouthfeel.  There's an interesting effervescence to it that fools me into saying it's bright because it's not a bright coffee. So one also might call it lively. There's a pleasing finish and it lingers in your mouth quite nicely.  As a silly aside I imagine food pairings with this coffee could make or break it.