Rwanda Natural Set

Rwanda Natural Set

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This is a one time thing because I bought a small amount with the intent to buy one however they all were awesome and I felt like it would be dumb to kind of offer them all up separately and undersell them. So we've got a "set".  6 orders possible. All bags are 9oz.  

You get one strictly natural process coffee and two anarobic naturals.  They're all from Gasahru a farm whose brother lives in Baltimore. So one brother runs the farm the other is in the US to sell coffee. Similar in a way to how Fincas Mierisch operates here in the US. The cool thing is we've had them pass us coffees before so barring them not offering these next year, I could see us keeping this around. 

About the coffee.

The 72 hour anaerobic slaps. It's super sparkling to the point it's really going to mess up your pallet. There's a lot of alcohol vibes with Red Fruits but also a real rummy like taste to it. There's an intensity to it that never quite goes away and a bit mouth drying despite being so tropical and not too dissimilar to a favorite sparkling water albeit coffee and way more bodied. The only downside to this is that it's slightly just a few things but what it does it does well: sweetness, body, complexity, flavor, aroma all are high scoring.  We're buying this again. This is pour over/drip only. 

The 100 hour is the more clean and muted version of the coffee and has less funky going on. It's rather more juicy than it is rummy/alcohol/dry. Imagine a cherry like when you have it on ice cream. It just hits differently. You might enjoy this a bit more as an espresso shot as it's kind of does that fun rwanda thing with apples and is juicy. It does that "clean" thing I describe a ton the Mierisch's so there's a layer of cleanliness to it as opposed to the wild ride of the 72. I could see some people taking to this more, it's far more approachable.

The natural. Alright so by default this is like the least of the three. If you just had this, you'd be jazzed. We had a rwanda natural and I loved it before and it's been so long since we've had it I forgot how much I loved it. Berries, Cinnamon, Apple but fruity and not just generic apple "acidity". A lot of fruits. If you like the vice jawn blue thing and naturals you should try this if anything to see what a natural outside of ethiopia is like.