Rwanda Macuba

Rwanda Macuba

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Dry Process Rwanda's are fun because they do that general ethiopia thing but not just a tea like coffee. In general many know Rwanda alongside Kenya are my "other" african origins I prefer with Rwanda being the espresso option and Kenya being the pour over. 

This lot of Macuba presents a bit more ethiopian than the traditional apple/cinnamon thing I tend to go for and I think that's why I'm into this. It's a real crisp fresh taste meaning it's almost more sugary than anything else. I find dark fruits but can't quite totally pinpoint which fruit. There's berries and I'd say blackberry fruit but you might get something different. There's a pretty glaring lack of body for me but that maybe just might be the sample roasts we did. There's a fine sweetness to this that makes it less overpowering than the ethiopian naturals we've carried.

Is this the worlds best Rwanda? No, but don't let my down talking stop you from enjoying this. It's solid. 


10oz btw.