Nicaragua Limoncillo Yellow Pacamara

Nicaragua Limoncillo Yellow Pacamara

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First up: I went from 8oz to 12oz as this is the final load. Roasted 9/18. Priced to move. 

Secondly I roast this only one day a week on a Monday provided we have orders.  You may get something a few days post roast and it's not the end of the world. 

I included this in the Red Review:  I want to mention and I don't do this often, but don't add cream and sugar to this. Don't also buy it because it's rare and think you're better than. Or because it's price means it's something better. This coffee is just a rare coffee I have access to that is prized almost universally by roasters and not at all by customers. That's the joke on it. We buy it and love it and customers universally revile it (or love it!). At least compared to the weight we apply to it. So buying it ala the Jamaica blue mountain syndrome where you visit and it's rare and you're on vacation so everything feels better and then they sell it for $30 a lb to lull you into thinking you're buying "better" coffee. No. This is a roaster coffee we sell and I bought because I love this coffee so much I want to have a lot for myself. I too can be selfish at times. Anyways. That aside. 

We asked for this coffee 2 years ago because the demand is that high and the quantity available that low.  Crummy story for me is due to the rona we kind of didn't need to as so many shops couldn't pick up coffee's. That being said it's pretty vital I even buy it as you can't have a market bottom out like that. So in a way we're doing our part. 

The story on yellow is that it was discovered on Limoncillo. The coffee mutated from pacas and margotype into pacamara and then mutated again from red cherries to having yellow. It's rare.  How rare? Very rare, very very rare. Does this put you into some uber club? As I mention above: no. But it's cool because a roaster of my size and the area around me usually sells crummy regional brazil cerrado's or the finest "ethiopia "yirgacheffe's" and not stuff like this.  It's fairly rare for even the top end roasters to carry this. 

Ok enough soapboxing. 

I love both varietals but for different reasons. Yellow just is "my" coffee. The red is as good but different. Much more winey in nature almost similar to a kenya coffee in that regards. The yellow pac's on the other hand are like those sugary sweet super alcohol drinks they serve at all inclusive's/cruises  Passion fruit, mango's pineapple. It's just not a fruity coffee like how an ethiopian natural is, it's it's own thing. I love it.