Nicaragua Las Delicias

Nicaragua Las Delicias

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2023 review: this holds up. Lol. :) :) I get more chocolate and raspberry than berries. Gotta love the Mierisch consistency. 


First of several and none of this will last. Limited lot sizes and thus the true Mierisch boutique Nicaragua experience. 5 bags total and I have 2. 

For those grumbles of centrals taste like nuts or caramel this coffee presents fruity and I pick up on a very subtle raspberry.  There's a heavy body but not oppressive which sort of translates to a creamy mouth feel and has some really rich lingering milk chocolate tones. 

For many years I have quoted San Jose as the highest elevation farm but I was recently told Delicias is the highest - technically. What does that mean? Higher elevation usually gives off a bit more complex of a cup. How I described above isn't exactly selling you hardcore so I'll just say this (and the follow up San Jose lot) are the quintessial high end Nicaragua the M's produce and I absolutely love. Very very approachable. Grab it while you can. (or wait till San Jose) (or the Altos) (or the Encanto) (or the Escondida) (I really really really like Escondida) (which is coming next) (no more of these)(lol jk) (bye).