Nicaragua La Huella Cold Fermentation Natural Javanica

Nicaragua La Huella Cold Fermentation Natural Javanica

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It's sold out until Sunday. Sorry. My bad.We only roasted a few batches and everyone ordered it. More will go live over the weekend.


Update: A few bags shook loose for me. But why the price increase? Well everything has and I'm paying more for this coffee than when I bought it last. Bluntly speaking if you get mad at this price and feel compelled to email me about it for this coffee you can go away and I don't want you, specifically you, as a customer. I should sell this for $50 it's that good. Why am I caveating it? Because I get voicemails from people along with emails about the price being too high and for what we buy and the skills we have - it's too low but welcome to south jersey pricing. 

--Old review that still holds---It's the best coffee I've had in a year. It rivals Shanatawene of last year at it's absolute freshest. This might rival the best Geisha I've had. It does. Will you love it as much as me? I don't know. I will say when I get asked "Jamie what's your favorite" it's "this". 

Blueberries. Juicy. Crisp. Super clean.Smiles. Pristine. Makes you happy. Feels like turbo juice. I would drink this everyday if I could.  

and I'll buy more for next year, don't you worry. Drink the glory of the Mierisch coffee farms that I taste but you never have, until now.  Yes. it's that good.If you don't like it, that's on you mannn.