Nicaragua La Huella Cold Fermentation Natural Javanica

Nicaragua La Huella Cold Fermentation Natural Javanica

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Hey. 2023 review. The juicy holds but it's a tad bit more red wine than it is Blueberry anaerobic bomb. I feel as if we're getting more of the power of the Mierisch Processing in it that the "funky" isn't there. Sometimes the funk is fun. Sometimes it's not. This coffee is for those wanting an approachable natural. I can't say it's as good as last year's harvest but it's still a very good coffee. I could drink this everyday too but for different approachable reasons. =) 

2022 Review:

Update: A few bags shook loose for me. But why the price increase? Well everything has and I'm paying more for this coffee than when I bought it last. Bluntly speaking if you get mad at this price and feel compelled to email me about it for this coffee you can go away and I don't want you, specifically you, as a customer. I should sell this for $50 it's that good. Why am I caveating it? Because I get voicemails from people along with emails about the price being too high and for what we buy and the skills we have - it's too low but welcome to south jersey pricing. 

--Old review that still holds---It's the best coffee I've had in a year. It rivals Shanatawene of last year at it's absolute freshest. This might rival the best Geisha I've had. It does. Will you love it as much as me? I don't know. I will say when I get asked "Jamie what's your favorite" it's "this". 

Blueberries. Juicy. Crisp. Super clean.Smiles. Pristine. Makes you happy. Feels like turbo juice. I would drink this everyday if I could.  

and I'll buy more for next year, don't you worry. Drink the glory of the Mierisch coffee farms that I taste but you never have, until now.  Yes. it's that good.If you don't like it, that's on you mannn.