Love Jawn

Love Jawn

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Our second holiday coffee with another shortish run due to the valentines hard stop. 

I wanted to take some feedback and lessons from Jingle and try to account/correct/project what would make this one special since it's kind of just like jingle, a gifts but this one needed to be slightly more special.  Obviously, not gonna lie, the label i'm in love with. Like it's super cute. *pats self on back* However the coffee is super love-able too.

Taking the Kenya we've been selling and developing it a bit more into the medium roast land starts to melt away some of that sour/sparkling and instead makes it a tad bit more minty, if you can believe it. Mint Chocolate like those andes mint's. There's a menthol ness too it too from that mint which sounds weird but not in a weird cigarette way. More like a lozenge? I know, it's weird. But it works. 

The other part is a light roasted ethiopian natural that just screams berries and other expected natural tones on it's own. However when you combo it with the kenya it makes for this almost uber house coffee. on top mint's and chocolates but underneath is this wild brightness and mixed berries. You don't think it would work but it does. If there's a coffee I'll say I love, it's this one which just makes it all seem so very on brand in cheesy ways. In some ways this brand has become some odd reflection of me and having this with hearts on the label's, naming it love, and also proclaiming love - this kinda will get personal if you don't like it. So just nod and say, yeah I like it for a dude's own ego? Ok? We cool? Or can we at least be friends? Maybe we can just be that one person I once knew and it was cool then it wasn't but it ended well?