Kenya AA Kichwa Tembo
Kenya AA Kichwa Tembo

Kenya AA Kichwa Tembo

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Hey! Cute old lore below. I'm keeping it for the awwwwww look at that. This year it's pretty vanilla but not in an ugh this is so BLAND vanilla borrrrrrrrrrring way. It's just like vanilla, pretty sweet, kinda sour, juicy, etc etc. Solid training wheels Kenya and that's absolutely nothing wrong with it, nah mean?



The Kichwa Tembo is an excellent fruited cup of coffee that is a bit more like a red wine than a coffee. We tasted "juicy baked cherries". While that sounds like an easy taste conclusion to come to it's an extremely complex taste profile with a long aftertaste. One that develops more and more over the days. This coffee certainly benefits from about 3-5 days rest. Even though we take it to a higher temp in the roaster it still is very bright. The lower temps (about 10 degrees for those curious) were really tart and rustic. This one works excellent as Espresso and across all brew methods - though we have not tested it as Cold Brew. 

We've had at least 6 Kenyan coffee's on our cupping table this year with the intent we were buying one. In the specialty world when a new coffee crop starts to land the good ones get picked up really fast. What we experienced is one coffee after another they would sell out lightning fast before we could get one. Good news is that all of the options including this one were excellent.

We bought this one because I wanted to have a not Ethiopian heavy lineup while having a monster espresso. Kenyans are known to be as complex with fruit flavors and sweetness, but with more body than Ethiopians.  

If you're interested in the "AA" "AB" "PB" classifications check out some of the story on Wikipedia.