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Tastes notes; it takes like if you split Red Label and Jawn 50/50. Nutty, Caramel, Chocolates kind of Rustic and familiar at the same time.

When building out the cafe I struggled with the idea of what to do for "espresso" drinks. I knew I wanted Gritty for drip but could you also do it for espresso drinks? If not then what? We do have the Red Label House Espresso which implies the house espresso but it's more a naming convention than anything else and a relic of a decision I made in 2016 to have a option but it wasn't the option for everyone. There is also of course Jawn aka Espresso Jawn. Which is a terrific coffee too but I didn't think it should be the coffee. It's reflective of the brand but I'm not entirely sure if it's what I think people who buy our coffee would want as the regular option. So it dawned on me why not just do both. They work well together. Red Label and Jawn are both great options and what each one does the other doesn't do. So in typical Royal Mile fashion I just make something out of what I have and now we have Hawks. 
Why hawks? It's the Haddon Township High school team name and a portion of the sales from bags and drinks will be donated to schools programs.

I'm not big on donating to causes or things as i feel we do enough via our Fincas Mierisch chain that's more than enough but this felt right given we were lucky enough to start in town all the years ago and the first cafe after moving the roasting plant was HT and I did need to do something different with Spro. It's tasty and awesome. 

Please don't read about this coffee and hit me up for donations.

P.S Why not hawk jawn? Because I've over-used that word and Hawks sounds cool.