Guatemala Attitlan La Voz Co-op
Guatemala Attitlan La Voz Co-op

Guatemala Attitlan La Voz Co-op

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Third year of carrying this coffee. Mostly the below notes describe this as well as I could. It's a fairly consistent coffee - one of the reasons I've done this so often. Solid coffee. I don't know if I met someone who has hated this or has mentioned they didn't like it. So one of those "crowd pleaser" types.  For what it's worth I changed up the packaging as this coffee kind of lands during our holiday run so it's a bit more festive in red paisley. 


Year two of carrying this coffee and I'm excited to make some slight updates here. I'll leave last years stuff for toilet reading, I guess. 

The new background on this coffee is that it was so well received I went back to the importer and started asking questions as you can see I allude to below. The story is it turns out this is a place they buy from every single year and it's a coffee that has a similar taste year after year on top. Read all that as the long term commitment from the importer allowed the co-op to make upgrades to their production and the quality reflects that. Some more side industry info. This coffee gets reserved so what little that does make it to the marketplace for me to buy is usually exceptionally small compared to the larger containers full. I had to book this coffee before it landed which truth be told is just paperwork filing on my part. They send samples once it lands and I sign off yes or no. Good news is the coffee was great, again, and I'm happy to have it part of the lineup. I think if you like this you'll be able to look for it in future years as my thought is to make this the second direct trade relationship after the Mierisch's.  Another small note is that this coffee is organic certified and since we'll have a new roasting space we can accommodate the certification process and having a consistent OG certified coffee in the lineup merited getting it.  

This is another in a long line of Guat's I've carried from the Attitlan area despite my unnatural love for Antigua's.  But I guess that's the thing with those places with lakes near mountains at high elevations - there are a lot of coffee farms one can choose from. I'm at the point I'm ready to leap into Guatemalan coffee's more and more and I imagine our next "relationship" coffee will come from there, but that's for years off.

About the coffee: This coffee is a bit more milk chocolate in character but not chocolate made out of dark roasting. There is a a fair bit of "approachable" elements to this coffee for either dark or light fans. Dark fans will enjoy the body and chocolate and how it's not bitter but the light roast will enjoy the clean chocolate we so rarely see in the light spectrum (cough tea, cough fruit).

For what it's worth this is another certified organic co-op.