Freedom Jawn

Freedom Jawn

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Pulling some from last years review and updating it slightly.

We needed a coffee for the run between Memorial day and July 4th so into existence came freedom jawn. Unlike last year this thing won't run until July 4th in 2021. It has a short window of existence at wholesale so we're rolling it out online a week in advance to give everyone a shot at it if you wanted to.

Last year I didn't want to roll out medium roasts for every permutation of a holiday coffee because i'm stubborn.  So to switch things up my goal was for it to be a pretty strong coffee as these are maybe things one would think of when we're doing our memorial day/july 4th stuff along with beer and America' stuff. Given I can't give you a beer taste note but I can make it "strong" this left me with it's pretty much my only option being dominated by a Sumatran and on the roasty side. See: Earthy, Woody, and Roasty. If you've had one of those coffee's when you visited your parents who like it strong it's kind of this, but it's also not. That's the switch for 2021. I'm doing that cut jab fake cross over on you this year. Got eeeeem!! But why? I admit we took it a bit too far last year and it didn't land as I had hoped. People got mad. Wrote us letters. Reviews came in. Thumbs DOWN. What gives? Why this? Why did you ruin a good thing? Lucky was great do that again! 

I hear you loud and clear. But this is also my company so I call the shots and I just deleted those emails anyways.

This year it's 50/50 split with the sweetest washed ethiopian we've ever had in the holiday lineup and certainly for me you have to go back several years to even come close. You'll ask why not feature that one on it's own too? Well bursting your bubble but it just did "sweet" and that's it. However it's sweetness was a 9 and it being that unique made it too tough to pass up as a blend component. Further I found that it really really mellowed out the sumatra's earthy tones to be a bit more in line with our other offerings and possibly put a stop to those vicious emails. Vice Jawn Black basically gave me this idea to still go hard but not crazy hard.  I know that's me thanking myself a bit. Maybe you'll laugh and maybe you won't at that back patting I gave my-self (I also did a high five too). Maybe you'll roll your eyes at that. However if you read this far, kudos. You're a super fan and I dig you. Come say hi and I'll give you a can of cold brew on the house for suffering through all of that.

Also give this a whirl as a shot of espresso if you can.