Ethiopia Uraga Wolichu Wachu

Ethiopia Uraga Wolichu Wachu

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First of the special one offs! Special? Yes. One off? Yes x 35 bags.

You gotta come on strong with anything that's a limited edition special one off and this one seals the deal. But, before I even talk about it. Lemmie talk about what coming on strong even means to me. In 1992 Oasis recorded a demo for a song that eventually was chopped in 2 with one made into something that basically printed money in the 90's. If your an old smegger like me you'll remember the 90's and that "setting sun" by the chemical brothers featuring the genius of Noel Gallagher (who was part of Oasis) and was played everywhere for years. On every tv show. Radio. Movies. As old tv dudes I worked with wouldnsay “play it whatever and wherever those young PUNKS liked. “ electronic noise!” "Why back in my day we like people who played on guitar"

The great irony in that song is in 1992 it was guitar music but as a demo we wouldn't even know about until years later and all the bootleg tapes were put into the glory days of mid 2000's youtube videos. 

Right now you're asking what in the world does a 90's Oasis (who were they even!) demo have to do with an Ethiopian coffee? Is this some wild Oasis Coffee #1 SEO trick? Well, Maybe. Or maybe not. Maybe I just get tired of reading all the silly pretenious dudes on behmors or loring coffee roasters for that matter writing up these stories that are just copy and paste from importer websites passing off like they're bff's with these people and the second that farmer needed help they'd peace out to the next importers coffee. Worse still the taste notes they literally lift. So many do and unless you know like I do most would be none the wiser. Do some inject some personality in face of the ever increasing arms race of sterile bags and cool one word roaster names like this? Sure.  

However you’re not going to find a coffee like this without being charged the 25.99 for 10oz craze I see everywhere - though by all rights with this quality I should. With some crazy honeycrisp apple, cinnamon, sugar without the sugar (and carbs!) and beautiful jasmine floral notes across a mindbogglingly clean coffee dictate that one could charge obscene amounts. 

But I don't care. I'm not about that. These coffees can be accessible without being absurdly high in cost if you manage your company efficiently, creatively,  and with a bit of an attitude. 

And that's why I'm going to keep on talking about my favorite era in music in my taste notes. I can't change my mold, no no no no....