Ethiopia Shanatawene
Ethiopia Shanatawene

Ethiopia Shanatawene

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2024 Jan Update:

Different lot but leaving the text below for search purposes. The coffee is a tad bit different than previously. The bananas things is not there which in our case it was the highlight. You can find a solid mish mash of Jam and Juice to make for a berried cup but not at all a berry bomb. 

2023 jfc it's been this long! I'm getting Bananas and a very fruity coffee. Still solid. 

2021 Update.

It's very fruity. This year is a bit more Peachy than it is strawberry which is what I got last year. I default to "fruit  bomb" still as a descriptor in the catchy all sense but it's more on the this is a very good single origin trail and not just a fermented blue bomb like how Vice Blue is. There's a pretty large gulf between this and the blue fruit bomb profile I would say.  

Shanatawene is a known entity for the higher end killer coffees and you see these land in competitions across the country so if you see it elsewhere chances are similar lots/profiles. I'd enter this to be sure. That also said this coffee was sold out before it left Ethiopia - it's that in demand. Luckily it's a thing we carry now each year so I know to be early and express that interest. 

*****It's slightly limited on it's own at least for wholesale as I picked this up super late and don't want to run it against jawn of the dead as it is what contains this coffee as mentioned below but website will have it's on it's own*****


If you liked Jawn of the Dead this is the ringer coffee that made it turbo charged. Is this one the same? No. It kind of lacks some of the elements of JD but with that said the fruity are full on out in the front. Do you like fruit bombs? Maybe. If you liked JD you'll probably be cool with this.

The other side is this is a natural. Some people taste blueberries, some smell fermenty and maybe that's not your thing. I dig em but I do have my limit for what it's worth. That said these are the gateway coffees. Most people freak out and then buy for others to get into and it fades so just be careful what you do.