Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Taaroo

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I love this coffee because it tastes like fruity pebbles. Seriously, it's basically candy but as coffee.

When buying this I received one 90gram sample, which is WAY too small for my roaster, but that it turned out so good from basically me roasting within inches of destroying this illustrates to me how good this is. When we were cupping this coffee it was almost like staring into the future.We were thinking if this doesn't at least place, then I messed up. It could only be on me for not making this thing a total winner. It was that spectacular and of course I'm being fairly dramatic describing this coffee. So plain talk, it's an extremely fruity and super sugar sweet with a refreshing and crisp finish. 

This coffee is sold in a very limited quantity. 

This coffee is 1/2 of the coffees I entered that placed as a finalist in the Good Food Award competition.