Ethiopia Kayon Mountain

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain

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2023 review. There's still a delicate balance across every aspect of this coffee. We got a mix of berries but nothing overt. Strawberry and blackberry lead the way. There's an addition of process to the taste profile which some may or may not like. Plan around this as more of an espresso style coffee where everything works but not "one" note. Don't discount this coffee though, it's still solid.




We've carried this collective before but this is the dry process variant as opposed to the washed one which I won an award on.

Dumbly summed up this is more of a general profile for a clean natural. When I remark "delicate" read that as a pretty balanced coffee wherein it's not a berry bomb but does have the berries because it is after all a natural. In some general tossing out of numbers instead of aspects for the coffee having a 10,9,5,2 scores think more 7's across the board.  While I don't have a lot to say about this coffee at this moment I can say that it's one of those naturals that doesn't cause extreme reactions and take all that as you will. It's a nice natural but don't look for the berry bomb.