Ethiopia Hirut Shallow Natural

Ethiopia Hirut Shallow Natural

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A classic and expected Yirgacheffe washed taste but with the natural spin on it. But we've had Yirgacheffe naturals before? What's the difference. Well let's take it back to 79'.  

What I like about this coffee is that is a non-fruit bomb natural that both tastes like a natural and also a washed at the same time. I like things sometimes to do the exact opposite of what I expect. You really do taste a process affect on the coffee itself at least for someone whose drank a decidedly high amount of Yirg's in their lifetime like me (no flex, jusssssayin'). It's such a cruddy way to define it but there's a general "dirty" ness to it which is my catch all phrase for the gulph between naturals and washed ones that makes sales go away. Telling someone a coffee is dirty is dumb. It's not dirty. This coffees are impeccable when they arrive. It's just that the taste has some extra stuff going on. Anyways If you want to know how I see the numbers in the matrix between washed and naturals, this is a real nice peering behind the madness thing.

There's a real floral aspect to it that screams I'm from Yirgacheffee along with those earl grey "tea" like mouth drying whispy body things that either I love or hate depending on the year. I like that is has a solid amount of sweetness to it that does border on sugary sweet and that whispy body tends to not leave my mouth all that dry. Maybe it's just me. Maybe i'm mr cotton mouth when I'm drinking yirgs. It's all those juicy fruit bombs on the table we always have. Anyways I'd really watch out my brew ratios here because you could end up with the  flattest coffee in the world which for me is always the downside of a Yirg. Real talk, all of this sounds kinda negative, but it's not. It's like 1995 Erik Karros but for coffee. Solid enough to be in the NL MVP talk but lands at 5th in voting. Who was that you say?  More philly appropriate talk? Ok Pat Burrell 2005. 

I'm out.