Ethiopia Guji Mormora Farm
Ethiopia Guji Mormora Farm

Ethiopia Guji Mormora Farm

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2020 Update: 2020 what a year! This coffee slams. Like mega slams. As good as a few years back? I mean, kinda but not totally. Coffee is an agricultural product and varies greatly even bag to bag. Will you like it?  You'll probably like it because one of those delicate tea like ethiopians that seem to fly out the door whenever we have it. It's kind of floral. It's tea like, it's pretty sweet. All in all It's a high end washed Ethiopian we love to buy. That's kind of enough as if you've reach this far the potential for you having other variations like this and me saying it's basically those is kind of the point. 



2018 Update:

Coffee is an agricultural product and that means it's susceptible to swings of quality and quantity year over year. No two years are alike. If you're familiar with our relationship with the Miersch's in Nicaragua you'll know we go to painstaking efforts to match the coffee's as best we can.  In general you can expect something to be similar but if a coffee had fruity pebble taste notes this year odds are it wont next year. Or at least not to the degree you tasted this year. It's down to a variety of factors at origin with weather and climate being the biggest factors next to quality of processing. Luckily the M's hit it out of the park.

With that out of the way the Mormora farm has historically produced some really great coffee as evidenced by last year's victory. With this historical quality of output coupled with a bunch of people winning awards on these coffee the demand skyrockets.  Since is a record for me I generally default to the bringing back things if they work mentality so If there is something available I'll try to bring it in regardless of how even it was. I will say the lot I got is not too far off from the cup from last year but there is a difference in quality I noticed. That doesn't mean it's undrinkable or bad by any stretch - just not the dominating lot of coffee I had last year. I paid a little less so I've marked it down by a dollar. Other roasters don't but then again I've come to realize over the past few years - I'm not exactly like many others in more ways than one.


2017 Notes: This is a coffee that arrived to me with a mission I wasn't expecting: to destroy. Not in like a bad way you see but one where every bit of the purist never totally satisfied coffee roaster soul is destroyed and what you knew possible was laid out before you in one perfect cup or roast.Nothing prepared me for this coffee. In fact I was expecting the other that arrived with it to be better. But like like Oasis in 1994 it redefined the music landscape.

Let me explain in as wordy of a way possible.

I sometimes say my Ethiopian's are tea like and people go "yeah yeah" and I say "yeah, actually" and for the most part I really do a great job of bringing that aspect out. Add in a few other sub elements like brightness, or a good sweetness, or something floraly (jasmine is a staple in the yirg world for example) and your table is set for a nice coffee. But is there something else there? Can you bring it out? There can be but not every coffee is meant to be more than just that. Of course that doesn't mean it's bad - it just is. There are many Yirg's out there that just are "floral, sweet, bright" that I like.

But to ring bells for a roaster? Well that takes something a bit more - at least to this roaster. This one is that and more. Lets start out with Earl Grey. And I mean Earl Grey. If you've ever traveled to the UK and had a super posh cuppa like yours truly this will bring the memories flooding back. It's a "memory" coffee. You think of other things which is super amazing. Well for this one anglophile it does. It's also oddly spritzy.  But not a soda steam although kind of? but then again not?  And then is that Citrus? Is it lemon or orange or orange peel or some zest?  It turns into a floral bouquet cascade and is that some rose flavor? It really just keeps on going to the point I stopped writing and wrote wow on the cupping form then texted a friend of mine saying "you gotta try this".  Will you taste this? I hope. It's hard because i've trained myself to spot flaws so when none pop up - it's shocking so if I can, I think others can at least get some of what I just wrote.

With that all said it's an utterly wild ride for a coffee across all possibilities of an Ethiopian coffee. Is this overstating things? Sure. Possibly. I'm not some silly "local" dude with his roaster thinking his head isnt too big for his shoulders - no, from the critical side of my nature I believe in every way we evaluate coffees this coffee is a full on assault of quality that is realized in the roaster and on the cupping table. So I say this coffee with 100% certainty is a competition level coffee roasters geek on. 

If my first single was the Ethiopia Dumerso back in 2014 and everything since then has become the first album, now this coffee is the first song of the killer second album. 

Meet your Wonderwall.