Dark Ness Monster

Dark Ness Monster

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Smokey, Carmelized sugar, bodied, and smooth.

This coffee is the darkest coffee of the lineup and while it's a dark roast my intention with this coffee is for it to be an approachable one. The ability to do that is in no small part due to the enormous amount of work our friends at Fincas Miersch do in Nicaragua. In early Feburary 2017 I traveled down and selected this coffee. My long hope for this coffee has been it would be completely consistent from year to year so when I approached the family with my goals they laid out 20 samples to choose from. The beauty of all this means we can replicate exactly the hillsides the previous years harvest were pulled from down to the same days. For you - it's consistent tastes year after year after year. For the M's, it's a guaranteed buy from me and the value of that is hard to get across in just one paragraph so I won't. For me, well my job is easy. 

This coffee works excellent across all brewing methods including Espresso applications, Drip, Pour Overs and Cold Brew. 


p.s. for those looking for the Castlehill Blend - this is exactly the same coffee but with a different name. Nothing has changed at all.