Brazil Sudan Rume

Brazil Sudan Rume

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A rare varietal type from the boring origin? Yes. I mean it's not boring, It's just not you know Ethiopia. I've tried to buy product from Brazil when it's been a bit different because I find the things that don't do the things to be fun and where the spice of life is. Even if I swing and miss on a buy i'd rather find the needle in the haystack. This is that coffee, just kinda like a "rare" needle and not a Legendary one or even a Purple one but a "rare". Ok? Not common. 

I found this coffee to be one I could very easily drink in one sitting. Huggable as my autocorrect just did is meant to be "Chuggable". I think in some ways chug brew is bad - we've al been there. It's beach coffee. You chug it because it's cheap and gross and the more you think about the taste the more you want to die, slowly, inside, because you forgot the bag of good coffee at home. Listen, there was going to be traffic. Google Maps SAID it's going to take 3 and you know it's going to take 4 hours.

It's not that chug.

There's always a bit of the nutty thing with brazil you can't escape and always a bummer but it's way in the background. Lemon, Honey, Sweet and Juicy. It's expensive for a Brazil but I promise you this is solid.