Jingle Jawn

Jingle Jawn

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This coffee is not being roasted anymore and any sold are from Mid-december to early January roast dates.

Our first "holiday" coffee. I've been poked and prodded for years about this kind of thing and for various reasons could not. The first was that we just didn't have the space to do it. I wanted there to be a new coffee added into the mix and some kind of taste we don't exactly do or have done before from the core part of the lineup. To me the two gaps in the lineup are natural's and a sumatran and since we didn't have those two hence my above statement. 

Since we're moved into a larger space voila. We now can do all that stuff I should have done and now we'll be doing holiday coffee's. We combo'd the La Voz with a Natural Ethiopian not on the menu taken a solid medium roast level. That roasting style makes the La Voz's chocolate become a bit richer rather than that Milk Chocolate we we get when light roasted. The natural add's in this Cherry/Vanilla undertone to it. When you also take a natural a bit out of the light roast range you start to also get more chocolate's in a general sense and this once falls in line.  I haven't tested it for spro options yet but my guess is it will be amazing for it given what I've gotten in the drip setting. 

This coffee will hang around until about Mid January when we swap out for a Valentines Theme Jawn.