7th Inning Jawn

7th Inning Jawn

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This coffee is launching an entire series of coffee's and I've never been more hyped. 

First some backstory. 

While dreaming up what more we could do with our Holiday themed coffee's we fell into the well what do you do during summer problem once you get past July 4th?  "Summer Blend" is super basic and some of my peer's are content doing that and being basic. So what seems summery? Well to me baseball is and always has been summer. On top of playing ball from little league to high school I was also a batboy for the Dodgers many, many years ago during their rookie of the year run (92-96). It was awesome and I loved every second of it. However like an idiot I quit to work at a grocery store because $3.25 an hour was just not worth it to a teenager's bottom line. There may have have been a girl involved. I regret that choice every second. Derek Hall (he's VP of the backs now) if you're reading this I'll come back with the bonus this time I can work past 10pm!

The taste notes are to the famous song. If you don't know the song well then I'm sorry but you've lived under a rock or don't like baseball, which is ok I guess.  Nicaragua and Brazil made this a breeze to produce. Great for spro, cold brew, drip. Everything.

This coffee slams. 

We love this coffee and baseball.  

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play.