Vice Jawn Black

Vice Jawn Black

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Updated 9/26: 

Coffee: Ethiopia Shanatawene

YOOO THE SHANA is here? Yes. It was for sure going to be a vice coffee. I know we sent it to wholesale and it was '12.99' but now we're in the lane where you see the quality of stuff I send to wholesale sometimes because I just want a kill coffee to be available to the public. So the coffee roasted as Vice black. You get that nice strawberry thing going on but a really sweet chocolate tone. The berries are very upfront with the roasty chocolates lingering.  But sometimes the chocolates lead the way and the berry ends but a really dense not ripe berry. So of a day past the best day you should have eaten that berry. Again as always with this coffee it's sort of that worlds greatest dark roast lane without being a dark roastLike Vice blue I had it as Aeropress and cupping so take some some of the notes with grains of salt. The berries were way more pronounced in the cupping. I

Why are the vice jawn coffee's 14.99 and not 12.99. Simply put the coffee's going into these are very expensive and a fair bit higher in cost. That translates also to cup quality. In general sourcing Ethiopian's are always expensive even for the "lower" quality stuff and all of vice jawn is basically Ethiopian.