Vice Jawn Black

Vice Jawn Black

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Updated 8/6: 

Coffee: Ethiopia Aricha

Oh boy what a year with sourcing coffee. It's been bone dry lately with DP's and my whole thing with this coffee is that it's basically different than Blue and pink. So, here we are. I dig these holes myself. 

How is the aricha? It's great. Straight up killer. But more a light roast than a dark. What does it do in the darker range? It tastes like a natty roasted darker. You've got the milk chocolates as advertised which is nice but the berries fight a little to shine through. I'm going to up the light component this time around to 60/40 so the dark doesn't lead the way. In many ways I've explained this coffee as the better version of Love but also obviously to showcase how most coffees can be roasted multiple ways and not all "light" or "dark".  I have very little of this so once it's out i'll swap over. My guess is maybe a month of this particular one. My 0.02 I like this more than the burundi but that's just the creator speaking. The burundi was great just different.


Reminder: The coffee we use for this changes throughout the year so it will change subtly. We'll update below when it does. 

Why are the vice jawn coffee's 14.99 and not 12.99. Simply put the coffee's going into these are very expensive and a fair bit higher in cost. That translates also to cup quality. In general sourcing Ethiopian's are always expensive even for the "lower" quality stuff and all of vice jawn is basically Ethiopian.