Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

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This is not a rolling subscription. That means if you sign up you won’t get a bag until the start of the next month if you orders after the subscriptions that go out which is the 1st. 

I stopped doing this during covid because it became a bit much at times and crud like some boomer went and got mad  and wrote me this long email and review online because their kid signed them up for us and didn't specify they wanted only dark roasted stuff and they've had coffee subscriptions from everywhere else and know good coffee and we were the worst they've ever had - they don't know what they're doing blah blah blah.

I also am a luddite now in the subscription model land where you can setup this to run and be auto charged like your freaking dizneyplus account and oopsie you forgot to cancel it so we can auto charge you again and look a year later you haven't finished mandolorian or watched anything else but spent $120, but for coffee,  and you've got like 8 bags you hate in your cabinet. 

Also real talk it's wild how much these app's charge in monthly fees and also a percent of each sale plus a service charge on top. Yes so $80 a month 1.4perfent of the item sale and then .19 cent on top. That .19 makes or breaks business's you know. So, anyways,  i'll just pay someone here to manage it. We progressive. 

If you read this far, congrats. We'll keep it simple and basic. Think of this as having to not come back and order every few weeks with a small discount for doing so. You've got 2 bags short term long term or 4 bags short term and long term. We track what you get in order to try to not get the same coffees month to month. It may happen. You might get 10oz bags more than 12oz but you’ll get one or the other. Usually just single origins or the holiday coffee. 

But what about grinding? Sorry not grinding.

Can my parents get a dark roast option? No. Can I gift a non boomer a dark roast? No. 

Can I just get the sports option? No. 

Can I? No. 

Again: Note that if you order after basically the 1st on any given month your subscription will start the next month. We don’t send out subscription orders outside of that window. 

You don't like this setup? Cool. Not for you then. You do you. We do us. Peace bruv.