Wholesale Pt. 3 Stuff PEOPLE SAY TO YOU, LOVE MOM.

  • Online reviews - food critics. Dont read yelp. Seriously, dont. Or google reviews.
  • In person criticism - people can be massive dicks.  Hope you developed that thick skin? Or maybe confidence? Don’t respond to everyone. If they want to think they won, let them. Who cares. Are they vital to your business? No? Bye felicia them.
  • Email critism  - not in your face but still dicks. You’ll get some weird emails.
  • Email praise - The good feels. Yay! People should be more positive to others. Just share that you had a good bag and appreciated the work! Easy!! Yass beyonce!
  • Praise of your competition. Learn both sides. You need to be able to say good things about them. Then on the harder side also hear good things about them and at your damn expense. But if they suck and i’m better what? Do? I do? Does not compute!
  • Meet the town mayor who knows all the people you need to talk to and are not. And only he (it’s always a guy) sees it.
  • The Experts (mostly young guys). Master roasters (mostly really old guys) Lol. bye felicia!
  • Wholesale account feedback. What happens when things go wrong? How do you adjust to the feedback they get about you. What do you do when relationships go sour?