Wholesale Pt.1 Hustling (like Gary Vee)

  • You are working all day everyday. Imagine your worst week at your old job, double it then make it everyday non-stop.
  • Now that you have things managed with what you’re doing, time to go out there and hustle up some money. You need money to operate. 
  • You are your own champion. 50% people hate sales reps. 90% are ok with the actual owner/person going in and selling. It works about 0.1% of the time.
  • How to get accounts? Pound the goddamn pavement. But that doesn't always work.
  • What business opportunities are left? (lol, none, okay?) 
  • Guest roaster spots - There are plenty out there. There are some hooks but you can jump through them. There is some good and also some bad. In general does it translate to anything more than 30-50 pounds sold in one period of time. 
  • Farmers market (sometimes are worth it). Not all markets are worth your time with coffee.  You’ll also need a mobile vendor permit and there’s some stuff you’ll need to get going on a regular basis. 
  • "Getting a cafe to serve you"!  sweet! Not always. Not all accounts are equal. Or good. Or worthwhile. Like roasters.
  • Grocery  walk around the place. What price point is everything, do they sell local? If not, why not. If so, how local. 
  • I'll discuss more later but to start.. things to ask yourself: 
    • What do you do when things go wrong?
    • Is it what you want though or are you just desperate for cash?
    • Will they serve your product well?
    • Their service becomes a reflection on you, ready for their customer complaints.
    • Do they pay on time? , losing accounts. Late payments. Bounced checks. On time checks. Margin increases.

Podcaster note: there are far too many flat brim cap bro's being all swole talking bout ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE with EVERY other WORD capitalized.

We don't need more of you.

Don't be like that.

Hustle means pounding the pavement and putting yourself out there for customers. Not posting pictures from your meetings with Wal-Mart signing big munny deals BIG UPS BRAH.