Time Management


  • This is basically about time management and optimizing the time you have. If that’s not in place then you’ll struggle getting out there with accounts as you take them on.
  • So, are you ready to work long hours?
  • Create a damn google calender, set roast days. Stick to it
  • Get your diet right. You cant afford to need to nap. You need to be able to work straight for 8 hours. Say goodbye to “lunch breaks”. 2 week vacations. “Sick time”. You’ll see friends (roasters too!) take vacations and go on trips but you won’t. If you do, you’re missing business opportunities.
  • Your free time. Make sure it’s on your terms. Make sure you get it. Know limits. Set them. Break them when you need to. Get back on track.
  • So busy what more time do you have? You’ll find ways through reflection. Pass off the easy tasks or invest in staff for a period of time to get past that task. Losing money in the short term is ok if long term you retain that value.
  • Efficiency with time. Unless they’re vital to your business like customers or accounts - Other people will waste your time. Especially the bros wanting to get into roasting games. Part of me creating this is to stem the tide of dudes. LIke back off bros.