Intro to How I Built This Coffee Roasting Company


  • I’m jamie. I’m the roaster/owner/everything for royal mile. I’m in the position to to talk about the struggle of a small food business because I’m a micro roaster
  • I hope people get insight from the stuff I’ve been through and done to get to this point
  • I’ll break this out into several parts to get everyone up to speed to today
  • I think there’s a lot more to learn and a lot that is unknown to me
  • I hope we can all learn more about owning businesses as I build this out
    • I’m working on a cafe
    • Small business loans
    • Hiring People
    • Purchasing equipment
  • I’ll have show notes as best I can to go back and follow through.
  • I hope this inspires people and provides clairty for opening a cafe roast or roasting operation and also people considering roasting as their career path.