Final Episode Season 2

. My goal is for a barista to listen to this and have some idea of a path forward. However in effect you can distill this down to get a 2nd job. Work super hard, don’t do jack personally, save a lot of money, Pay down your debts and then decide to never roast coffee. I’m kidding. Cross your fingers and hope too much competition doesn’t happen in the meantime, a place to roast in magically opens and you can sell to new places. I think this will take about one solid year but 2 years is probably reasonable. I’m going to plop on my $9.25 hour job at the luggage store hat and travel back in time which is what barista’s will take home. I lived with other people. Had debt etc. First steps: Stop caring what friends say or think. Stop caring what family says or thinks. Don’t ask for their help/guidance Just do the thing you need to do. I believe you need to get into this mental state consistently. Any doubts that creep in you gotta deflect within seconds. If you really want to get the pay off you have to be prepared for serious sacrifices at the start so start now. It’s really, really, really hard unless you get extremely lucky. Most don’t get lucky and banking on hitting the lotto is a dumb way to think. Define the path, make it your terms. Become tunnel vision. If your dream is a coffee shop and roastery. You can do it. Anywhere. My suggestion is get a part time 4-8 hours weekend job. My reasoning is that you need to prepare yourself what it’s like to work a lot, almost every day of the week. You’ll be doing it eventually so why not start before when it’s a huge advantage.Hell, work 7 days a week. I do that for months in a row. Take the money you get from that 2nd job and pay down all your debts. Not having debt at the start is the single biggest problem you’ll face. Banks won’t lend to you. This information sucks: Do not go out. No bars, no weed, just live like a hermit. You can go out when you’re on the other side, bars will be there. Weed will be there. Nintendo switches will still be there. Find a junk place to live or live with other people. That’s fine. Roomates are crazy and drink your beer. So what! In 10 years you won’t care.You want the nice place in the nice part of town because mom or dad judge you for not having new fridges? So what. Don’t call them. You’ll be fine. Don’t take trips.The rest of the world will be there. When you get to the point you paid down the 2-3k in credit card debt you rung up? 20k student debt? (You probably shouldn’t start a business with this much anyways) but find the number to pay it down and chip away until it’s 0. Now save up enough to buy a small sized ambex, mill city, huky, whatever. You could open a cafe on a huky if you wanted in a small sized city. Working a 1 weekend day a week job will take about 48 weeks.