Cupping Coffee

  • A lot of roasters have put out information surrounding this subject. There are regularly consumer level cuppings and certainly a lot is talked about regarding the specifics to do it. My goal is to make this relevant to you as a business practice.
  • The Good Food Awards story - Las Lajas.
  • I suggest sweet marias sample packs. Split the pounds and roast different. You’ll have about 10 different cups.
  • Create an excel doc of your coffees.
  • Or a book! 
  • Taste “bad” coffee next to “good” coffee.
  • Taste 24,48,72, a week and a month later.Wait 6 months.
  • Grind it wait a month. 6 months.
  • Biggest lesson is to taste all the good coffees roasted terribly and all the bad coffees roasted well.