Conclusions and the Future: Where we're going we don't need fluid beds.

  • Looking backwards on the podcast: there’s stuff I missed. Stuff to explain better or change my belief on. I could always do better and if there’s something to explain more, I’ll do my best to.
  • Looking further backwards. I made my share of mistakes.  I own them. But I’ve done some awesome stuff. I regret a fair bit not in the feels bad part but in that i could have done more. I’ll see more of the stuff I didn’t do.
  • Was it worth it? You survive in whatever way you can.
  • Year one was a struggle for me. The years since have been better marginally. But why?
  • Through reflection I gleened I’m at a point i’m happy with what I created.
  • Despite the problems starting out I have succeeded.
  • Does my old career sound appealing?
  • What would I do differently?
  • What will I talk about next? Cafe opening? Opportunities for me? Cold brew? Sba loans?
  • Biggest look forward: I want to talk owners of all shapes and sizes. Multi Cafe’s. Small cafe’s. Others same size. I think there’s value for me asking people questions and all of us hearing the stories. Someone somewhere will have a story near to you and inspire you.

p.s. the fluid bed thing is a joke. mmk?