Nicaragua Limoncillo Red Pacamara
Nicaragua Limoncillo Red Pacamara

Nicaragua Limoncillo Red Pacamara

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First up: This is 8oz's.

I included the older review of a this coffee at the bottom but before i do that I want to mention and I don't do this often, but don't add cream and sugar to this. Don't buy it because it's rare and think you're better than. Or because it's price means it's something better. This coffee is just a rare coffee I have access to that is prized almost universally by roasters and not at all by customers. That's the joke on it. We buy it and love it and customers universally revile it. At least compared to the weight we apply to it. So buying it ala the Jamaica blue mountain syndrome where you visit, it's rare, and they sell it for $30 a lb means you're buying "better" coffee. No. This is a roaster coffee we sell and I bought because I love this coffee so much I want to have a lot for myself. I too can be selfish at times. Anyways. That aside. 

The one I bought that time was something i picked up from what is effectively a home roaster green coffee supply. The coffee was on the tail end of it's life and not exactly "the" best it could be. Good, sure. Great? Possibly? As good as fresh landed? No. 

We asked for this coffee 2 years ago and due to the rona we kind of didn't need to as so many shops couldn't pick up coffee's. That being said it's pretty vital I even buy it as you can't have a market bottom out like that. So in a way we're doing our part. 

I love this coffee and I love both varietal's equally. I would highly suggest trying both. Together. You can see how one varietal with just the mere coloration of the fruit changing how dramatic things can be. Is this a slam dunk case for going all in on varietals? No. But you could say that it's worth exploring promoting that. That said I think the day and age of the micro-lot is behind us so this might be a relic of the past for at least a few years; these ultra rare weird tasting varietals. 


2018 review:

This coffee is pretty interesting to me because up until 2018 I wasn't aware of the uniqueness. A reminder that even after several years of doing this there are things that still don't quite register on your radar. 

Pacamaras first came about via a farm in El Salvador via a marriage between the Pacas (discovered on the Pacas farm in El Salvador) and Maragogipe  varietals to form Paca-Mara. It was defined as Red Pacamara at first but when the M's planeted some on their farms it mutated to yellow. Sadly no yellow pacs on the horizon until 2019 (it would be much higher in price) but we do have the red available.

It's a rather large coffee beans and one that doesnt, at least for me, tend to roast easily in the roaster so it takes a bit of dedication to your senses and extra attention to how it's performing in the roaster.  

As a coffee from Nicaragua you don't generally associate winey tasting coffees but this one certainly has it going on. A rather large heavy mouthfeel with berry tones. 

On the limoncillo estate where I've been each year I visit - has the waterfall I went into. That has zero to do with the coffee but it was such an enjoyable waterfall I really wanted to mention it.