Java Kayumas

Java Kayumas

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I haven't had a Java since the Taman Dardar we carried just prior to the rebranding in 2017, I believe and we took that to a medium roast level. I feel like this Java probably would benefit from development more so than the light. With that said I roast it light because I printed up all the labels and they said light so I am stuck into the roast. Further Java had a really problematic year with water and that led to a bit of a quaker heavy lot. I've found myself picking out beans and that rarely occurs in my sourcing. Am I selling this coffee or what? Truth be told I've been hesitant to add it to the website but it's sold fairly well at Wholesale so maybe it's a "me" thing I should just get over. 

The fruit notes I got in the first roasts aren't there so to me the nectarine isn't exactly there anymore. What I'm getting is a bit more of a traditional indonesian coffee where there's a fair bit of the crispness left and those fruit notes turned into what I define as Forrest notes. Woods I can't quite place, a bit of murkiness to the cup where everything is a mishmash of flavor that reminds me a little bit of molasses minus any really sugary notes, and herbs. Not quite unlike lifting a bin of teas and smelling them all at once.  

All in all it's an interesting coffee and not a normal one that makes it way into the lineup and maybe my adherence to basically buying what I like, which is still a rather wide swath, is the wrong approach. I do think taking this further in the roaster would have netted some better attributes and made for a better espresso. Ah, well, live and you learn!


P.S. I've discounted it online due to the above particulars.