Coffee Jobs

Yo! We're hiring.  Royal Mile is a small batch roaster based located within the SOHA Arts building in Haddon Township, NJ. We sell primarily to local Food Co-Op's and grocery stores in PA, NJ and DE as well as a few select cafe's. We source craft coffee directly from Nicaragua and utilize various importers for the rest. This company is and was built on the idea you can empower yourself through hard-work and healthy attitudes.  Coffee snobs of either "only" dark or light need not apply. Experience as a barista is nice but not required. 

You're getting in on the ground floor as the brand's presence is expanded to more wholesale accounts and our future cafe. These are two positions we're currently seeking. 

Coffee Demo/Product Sampler 

This is the starting position for anyone coming into the company and how we've made our name. You'll start as 1099 contractor converting over to W-9 after a 90 evaluation period should things work out. The position is this: you hang out in a grocery store passing out coffee samples, talking coffee and hopefully selling a bunch of coffee for 4-8 hours. You then report back on those numbers. EZ-PZ. You're ideally based in Philadelphia or Jersey have to have a car.  Work days - Thursday-Monday. 

Sales Manager

If you have the experience then this is a combination of the above position and a traditional sales account manager role. You're charged with getting new accounts, maintaining current ones, making sales happen and contributing to the sales strategy we have in place.  You will be visiting every store we're sold in monthly and providing product sampling at each along with calling on new and current accounts. Farmers Market and sales at the front of SOHA are also in the cards.  Flexible schedule.

 If you're a true coffee enthusiast go getter and can combo both of these and wants to add learning how to roast on top it's possible for those really willing to invest into the company and you'll be rewarded for that. 

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