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I've got the Dark Ness Monster, Jawn, and Breakfast Blend all covering various entry points in coffee but what about a good affordable light option? There wasn't one. So now comes Highlander. Yes, I"m sticking with the Scottish theme in the heavily Italian area of South Jersey but just go with it, ok? Humor a guy. 

Highlander is a coffee that could very well be sold not behind a name. It's an estate coffee from Zambia and traditionally we'll hide a more regional lot or even country lot behind a name because you shouldn't just be selling a "top quality Guatemala" when there are several distinct growing regions.  But I struggle with selling Zambia as an origin over say an Ethiopia or Kenya. It won't knock thought spaces off the shelf. So it's behind a name but with that said I'm pretty happy with this coffee and am happy to disclose it's an Estate.

Ok so what about the coffee? While it lacks in overall deep complexity it does fruits very very well. It's very fruity and almost soda like in it's sweetness. Apple, Pear and Lime. Funny thing is I got all three at different points in the cupping stage. When one popped up another faded then only to come charging back with the next sip.

Bonus points for me in that I wanted Rain Forrest Alliance coffees in the lineup and it happens to be!