Brazil Moscardini

Brazil Moscardini

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Since 2015 I haven't had a Brazil coffee available as a stand alone light roast which tends to highlight the origin notes.  Silly Caveat - on Jawn we do take a brazil darker so it has some familiar elements to this coffee but instead I'm opting to make that more roast driven and aim it directly towards Espresso situations. 

The Moscardini is one of those I often call "approachable". That means, to me at least, if you've had coffee anywhere before regardless of quality you will get that this thing you're drinking is in fact coffee. I realize how insane that kind of sounds and even writing it out I'm thinking "that does sound insane" but the reality is a lot of coffee's are not approachable.

This is one of those coffee's if you're that "weird person who likes light roasts" can share with family and they'll be like oh wow, this is interesting. In a way it signals hey, you don't need to be roasty to have that "coffee" taste. So what is that taste? Well when as approachable I usually opt for the Nutty lane or the Chocolates lane. This one resides in the Peanut lane and boy does it taste like peanut butter. Cinnamon peanut butter if that even is a thing. There's also a really fun amount of citric like things going on without being citric or fruity at all - which is weird and unexpected. This coffee really opens up when it cools. That comes from the fact this is an anaerobic/cold fermentation process which is a new(ish) type of way to extract the seeds from the coffee cherry during processing. It basically can impart some interesting fruits without being any single fruit. A cleaner less natural natural if you will. 

I've heard from far too many people who dig on light roasts that they can't get on board with brazil's mostly because it's not like a colombian or ethiopian they land on. Sure, while not a blow your pants off exciting Ethiopian we've had it on the cupping table and it holds it's own for it's own thing. A "you do you, boo" on the cupping table as it were. I think if you approach this coffee in that manner you'll be happy.

Loved it as espresso too by the way. Hanging around until about March or so.