Vice Jawn White

Vice Jawn White

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This one is pretty neat. We don't often come across a washed ethiopian decaf and especially one that retains so much of the "ethiopia" aspects. The masha add's the expected fruity tones from a natural. I know many don't love the "decaf" but this is an all around rare option and we have a limited availability.Well worth checking out if you wanted to have some decaf hate potentially dispelled.

Updated 3/16 Current Coffees: Ethiopia Miirabwai Buna Ethiopia Masha.

Background: We've never had a half decaf option. I know I know the dreaded "decaf or death" nonsense and to that talk I say go away. I'm a fan of decafs when done well. Our normal decaf is pretty great however there are certain ones that rise above a bit. This coffee is a bit of a test and if it continues to do "ok" we'll keep it as the main components aren't the hardest to source. That said there is a chance this goes away. I like it so unless I can't find some fun Decaf's we'll probably keep it. Just sharing.


Why are the vice jawn coffee's 14.99 and not 12.99. Simply put the coffee's going into these are very expensive and a fair bit higher in cost. That translates also to cup quality. In general sourcing Ethiopian's are always expensive even for the "lower" quality stuff and all of vice jawn is basically Ethiopian.