Vice Jawn Blue

Vice Jawn Blue

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We get a lot of requests for berries. 

I will say that I've heard you like berries. 

So I'm putting berries in your berries. 

Current Coffees:  Ethiopia Shanatawene, Ethiopia Refisa

Bit less words this time:

Updated 9/26: Theres even less to say this time and given the storages I'd expect this moving forward from us. That said we're still buying the high end stuff and mashing them together to make one gigantic berry bomb of a coffee. I've cupped it and had this as Aeropress. Cupping presented far cleaner of a cup so take what I'm about to say as more an aero press thing. The aero press made this really murky and made it's into a mash of berries. I was slightly struggling to find the super berry tones like I did on the cupping process. Maybe this is one of those bring out your "toy" and find the way this brew makes you happiest and just do that. This particular lot we've got probably a hundred or so bad so this should hang around for the hoped for three month run. 

Why are the vice jawn coffee's 14.99 and not 12.99. Simply put the coffee's going into these are very expensive and a fair bit higher in cost. That translates also to cup quality. In general sourcing Ethiopian's are always expensive even for the "lower" quality stuff and all of vice jawn is basically Ethiopian. *Updated*. Due to "covid" every green coffee we've bought has skyrocketed in price and ethiopians more so. Fun times.