Come work with me, or don't. Saul Good Man.


How are you? 

I'm Jamie. This is my company. You've arrived here somehow by knowing me or someone I know. I'm looking for weekend holiday help (9/1-1/1) for people who want to buy a nintendo switch with the money you make from standing in a whole foods store i'm sold in and pass out coffee. Or just a side job. Whatever you want to call it is cool with me. 

It's a rather simple task but it does require some level of self-motivation and general ability to bounce back from customer rejections. You're there generally for 4 hours but you can do 6-8 if you are some kind of warrior.  

Having worked in sales jobs with quota's and goals I'm generally loathe to that idea, so my middle ground is this: while not a sales number job your job is to sell bags. Some middle ground eh? Ok, real talk: It's a low number but no goose-eggs. If I'm utterly terrible at it and managed to find a way to succeed I'm sure armed with a few tools I can help you too.

So where is the work? Ideally if you're in Jersey it's just covering the three NJ whole foods in Cherry Hill, Princeton and Marlton. If you don't want to handle bouncing between the three you can also do just one for a few hours. There are 8 more in PA with one out in Pittsburgh - You'd be my saviour if you want to work in that store. You can do just one but logistaclly its harder. If you wanted to do every store i'm in so that you're not doing the same store ever, and then tack on a vacation day in Pittsburgh and get P-A-I-D while on vacation well bob's yer uncle. 

Final house keeping things. 

You need to have a car. You need to drink coffee.  You must be able to communicate by holding a conversation for 3 minutes. You must be able to text and email and then respond to emails. You cant be a jerk about decafs or just "lol I only dark roast w/cream! lol ". You cant be a jerk in general.  I pay quite a bit more than minimum wage though if you somehow manage to knock out sales numbers like me I'm open to a really nice pay rate. 

Lets coffee, yo. or sky writing your number over my building at 1001 White Horse Pike Haddon Township, NJ.  I'll possibly see it.