Wholesale Pt.2 Cafes aka Whole Latte Late Payments

  • Have you developed that thick skin yet? 
  • The problems with cafes - late payments, customers of theirs complaining. Poor production, old product - shit rolls uphill here.
  • Good things with cafes - brand awareness. Munny?
  • Finding more cafes - they’re already using someone they like so I’m sorry but give me free stuff, k? 
  • New Cafe opens - everyone is rushing to get it and the bigger ones already know because I have tin foil hat suspicions. 
  • Wholesale opportunities - there are none. But you can try: grocery, farmers markets and guest roaster spots. Just know we are all competing for more business so if one is open and available it's either a unicorn or had problems in the past. But maybe not lol mmk? I can be wrong.
  • Problems with wholesale - it’s a numbers game. Retail pricing vs wholesale pricing is pretty staggering.