Hiring: Do you even Slayer?


 It's 25 degrees and I got sick - allow me some leeway on this.

Hiring people means a lot of things as it relates to the overall health of a business.

  1. It means you have excess capital/cash to hire someone you think will make you more money you wouldn’t normally make.
  2. It means there is more work than you can take on.

You need to hire the right people

How can we identify a bad hire. Obviously we can vet them to a degree in the interview process.

What about a hire that turns sour? Can it be saved?  VERSUS story.

How do we identify good hires. It depends.

Having a clear vision of your position fully mapped out will benefit them.

Identify exactly what they do that serves the purpose of your business and it’s role. It creates a base for success for them to work from.

Should they be that “idea” person hire it provides some expansion for them to work with from your needs.

Pay - lol, ugh.

Using the demo calculator I can find where they break even for me revenue wise.


Get a sense of why they’re there. Ask questions. Fine their motivations. What kind of person are they right now? What do they need? Can they fill the need you have?

I’m a fan of test runs. Give em a shot for a day - see how they are. If they’re late, obviously you know that’s a bad hire. Beware name droppers, Giesha Fans, etc.