Coffee Roasting: Lets Roast! Siiiike


Roasting: I was that person too, ok? I’m laughing at myself here. Lets Roast and Chill.

  • Prepare to do a lot of heavy lifting.
  • And bagging.
  • And cleaning up.
  • Cupping. Its not all cupping.  And also, lol, if you think it changes weekly. Get ready to taste the same coffee all the time.
  • In the cup people will find all the things you do wrong and you’ll be hearing endlessly about it FOREVER.
  • Getting it right - Find balance you’re ok with. For product, roast style, and origins.
  • Make sure you’re buying coffee you can sell at a profit.  - Make sure you understand the breakout of the total price of coffee from bags on up to labor. Know the exact cost to produce. I use an excel workbook.
  • Software is cool but people don’t taste like that and your end product is usually pre-ground then laden with milk and sugar. All the nuance you care about from minute 7-9 generally goes out the window. And the people who dont do that, dont really look for it. But you still have to make it right so focus on things you can do well.
  • There are many importers out there. Locking into one develops problems. Some are good, some bad.
  • Having a lot of importers develops problems in managing. How do you manage 10? (shipping from one place makes it possible).
  • Rotating coffees. What happens when one hangs around too long and doesn't sell?
  • What coffees sell? UGH. Who knows amirite?