Coffee Production: The Joy of Bagging Coffee

You’ll spend way more time bagging and roasting than you do cupping or making it taste like a thing.

Bag sealers

Hand Sealer - ebay. Different watts works to varying degrees. 12-$25. (8-16 inch)

Band Sealer ebay. $150 buys a basic one.

Band Sealer ebay $600 gets you one with air/nitro connectors.

Scale - you’ll need one that does more than your pour overs. Those aren’t rated for commercial use.

The scales you have to have are similar to the ones deli counters have at grocery stores but anything rated for commercial is fine. I spent about $200 on my scale. Look to spend about $100.

You’ll need weights and measures to come test and approve the scale each year for you to properly sell/retail.

Rattleware has a scoop. I saw it in a ritual video years ago and bought one. Best investment. Several large roasters I’ve heard or seen use them. Once you see it you wont not spot it.

You’ll max out at 10 bags between loads before it starts going off the rails where production backs up or quality of roasts suffer. That means you’ll need to hire someone!

Now that you have added costs of hiring someone you’ll need to roast that much more

As you scale up there are weigh and fill machines and while pricey they are entirely worth it.

12 gallon heavy duty jaw’d tote at home depot for $10 stores 48 12oz bags fully packed. I see a lot of boxes being used and for shipment. Fully loaded those totes are 36 pounds.  My totes are 4 years old and the return on investment has been glorious.